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Custard is one of the most e cig vapor juice, and countless mixers have incorporated the taste to their juices, but that does it the ideal? Vapers looking for the best custard e-juice are very spoilt for choice, with many versions of vanilla custard being very popular, and several e-juices mixing the custard base with some other components such as fruits and barriers.

Finding the right e-liquid in any category isn’t easy, so that we conducted a poll to get the best e-juice flavors on the market, and received thousands of votes from vapers. While using results of the poll, and considering the specific flavors from the juices receiving the votes, we’ve come up with this list of the best custard e-liquid flavors in the marketplace, based on the preferences of real-world vapers.

This flavor was originally made by Grand Vapors – and technically they got credit for it in your poll – but now Orphan Tears is made by Fuzion Vapor, when they bought the recipe from Grand Vapors.

The liquid can be a blend of kiwi and custard, making a unique flavor with all the sweetness and slight tartness of the fruit mixed with a base of custard with many subtle notes of cinnamon added in. The juice’s flavor profile changes based on your wattage, using the kiwi being more prominent at higher settings along with the custard taking center-stage if you dial it down a little bit. The result can be a custard e-liquid vapers really enjoy, that you could tailor for your preferences through the help of a VV/VW mod.

Vape Orenda’s Whirling Dervish received plenty of votes within our poll of the greatest e-liquid, and ranks on the list of top custard vape juice flavors according to the results, with all the vanilla custard blend mixing in factors of honey, fruits, exotic spices as well as other elements to generate a complex and delicious vape.

The complexity of your flavor signifies that it varies notably with your temperature or wattage setting, and a lot of vapers get different subtle notes in the juice, including (but not at all confined to) clove, cinnamon, ginger, faint notes of tobacco and chai tea. Despite the disagreement concerning the components of the flavor, many vapers rank this blend one of the best custard flavors out there.

Space Jam is one of the most in-demand e-juice brands in the industry in its own right, but Starship 1 also ranks amongst the electronic cigarette starter kit free available on the market in accordance with our poll.

The taste mixes vanilla custard with kiwi, producing a juice corresponding to Orphan Tears, with the vanilla custard dominating the inhale along with the kiwi being fairly subtle throughout but more prominent on the exhale, and everything being overlaid using a general sweetness. Vapers generally love this juice, even people who don’t 28dexipky like custard-based e-liquids.

The e-liquid can be found in various nicotine levels (varying according to the place you buy it), but can be purchased in , 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml from VaporDNA, having a 15 ml bottle costing $11.99.

This is probably the most legendary vanilla custard e-liquids in the business, and although it’s incredibly hard to buy a bottle of, many vapers firmly rank it on the list of top custard vape juice flavors on the market. The flavor is renowned like a sweet, creamy and realistic vanilla custard vape with hints of spice taking the juice to the next level, and also for many it’s the yardstick against which other vanilla custard juices are measured.

The big problem is that the juice only continues sale periodically, and when it is high on sale – you get two weeks’ prior notice online – the buying frenzy contributes to the juice for sale out way too quickly for almost all vapers to get the possibility to order. Although this is a massive limitation for your juice, it didn’t stop it ranking among the free electronic cigarettes within our poll.

The taste comes in a choice of three PG/VG ratios (50/50 as standard) and is available in the ordinary array of nicotine levels. It cost $18 to get a 30 ml bottle, and ships from the UK.